Yom Kippur l’Kulam – This community prayer is held in the main events hall of Havayot Schweitz and includes Kol Nidrei, Yizkor, Neilah, shofar and break-the-fast, accompanied by discussions and focus sessions in an open and accepting atmosphere.


Sukkot – In the outdoor courtyard of Havayot Schweitz, we co-sponsor lecturers and learning on the Hoshana Rabba evening. In most years we have some other family activities, for example an outing to Neot Kedumim to see the different varieties of sukkot.


Hanuka – We have a variety of different activities depending on the year: an outing to see the Hanukiyot in the Old City of Jerusalem, a hanuka party for Psifas families with activities for children and adults, a guided hike in the footsteps of the Macabees, etc.


Tu B’Shvat – Activities include a Tu B’Shvat seder in Rehovot's Orange Orchard Museum or picking fruit in the fields, accompanied by activity stations for children (everything that is picked goes to the poor).


Purim – Reading of Megillat Esther for families in Havayot Schweitz, and a variety of activities such as a family mask-making workshop, sending mishloach manot within the kehillah, a musical performance in an old age home, and a matanot la’evyonim activity for families to prepare gifts for needy children.


Pesach – For many years Psifas has sponsored a tradition of matza baking with both the secular and religious scouts. In addition, we sometimes have outings to Neot Kedumim during chol hamoed or a workshop on the Passover Haggadah.


Lag Ba’Omer – We often sponsor outdoor trips (for example,to Bustan Shoshan in Ramle).


Shavuot – Tikkun leil Shavuot interactive learning.  Last year we co-sponsored a panel discussion on the book of Ruth following by parallel lectures in science and archaeology related to Shavuot.


Summer party – This has been a Psifas tradition for years, a fun social event where we plan the following year’s activities.


Shabbat – Kabbalat Shabbat – In the spring and summer, we meet on the grass with guitar, singing and performances by children before Shabbat comes in.


Weekend retreats (Shabbatonim) – Several times a year we spend Shabbat together in a Field School or Youth Hostel with singing, meals, nature walks, Torah reading and study and learning/discussion on a chosen topic, e.g. , Tzedek Chevrati (social justice).


Young families – The Psifas Community includes a group of young families that has grown and has a wide variety of activities for parents and children.